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Friday, May 17, 2013


Outsourcing Medical Billing is the solution for doctors that want to increase the profitability of their practice.

With all the changes that are taking place with Health care reimbursements, doctors are seeing a decrease in the money that they receive from insurance companies. By outsourcing their medical billing, doctors save money and get paid for the services they provide faster.  Outsourcing the medical billing functions of a practice to a reputable company that focuses solely on processing medical claims will make a medical practice more money. Vitruvian MedPro Consulting, a Massachusetts based medical billing company, helps doctors increase cash flow. Doctors should focus on providing patient care and not on dealing with the insurance companies or patients.

Vitruvian MedPro sole focus is to help doctors get reimbursed for the medical services they provide faster. Vitruvian MedPro helps doctors focus on providing care and not on dealing with insurance companies. The medical billing process is complex and requires skills. It makes sense to outsource this task to a company that focuses on making sure that claims are processed in an efficient and timely manner. With all the current changes with medical reimbursement, doctors who do not have an efficient medical billing process in place run the risk of going out of business.

By outsourcing the medical billing functions, doctors save money since they do not have to hire additional staff to do the billing for them. Doing the billing in house causes additional expenses that can lower significantly the revenue a doctor receives. Most medical billing companies have a business model that involves charging a rate based on the money that gets collected for the doctors. Moreover, doctors do not have to deal with the headaches and the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining their own practice management systems. Vitruvian MedPro business model consists on charging doctors after they get paid.

Some doctors have a hard time with outsourcing their billing because they fear a loss of control of the financial aspects of their practice. Doing the billing in house does not guarantee complete control of the billing. The dynamics of a practice make it difficult for doctors to be in complete control of their revenue cycle management. This is the main reason why outsourcing to a company that can process the claims and fight with the insurance companies on behalf of the doctor makes the most sense.  Doctors are trained to provide patient care and should focus on providing patient care.

With today's technology advancements, doctors are able be in control of the financial aspects of their practice even when they outsource. Vitruvian MedPro offers a cloud based, HIPAA Compliant practice management system with the most advanced reporting capabilities that allows doctors real-time access to their billing records.

Vitruvian MedPro helps doctors that are frustrated because they see a decrease in cash flow and are struggling with their claim submission process. Outsourcing the billing to Vitruvian MedPro is the solution for doctors that need to increase the profitability of their practice. For more information visit Vitruvian MedPro at